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Wednesday 9am-1pm at Grafton Wellbeing Centre.

93 Fitzroy Street, Grafton

Thursday 3pm-7pm 

Fortnightly Fridays 8:30am-11:30pm 

Monthly Saturdays 8am- 11am

at HTC Wellness Studio, 35 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour

Monthly Saturdays 11:30am-1:30pm (next one is 2nd July 2022)

at HTC Wellness Studio, 35 Orlando Street, Coffs Harbour

*Online bookings are available Australia wide. Please select the day and time that works best and select the location that fits (Grafton or Coffs Harbour). There will be an online option for bookings and you will be sent a link for your appointment. 

how it works

step 1
initial appointment

60-75 mins

In your initial appointment we cover your history, presenting symptoms, diet and lifestyle. Together we will piece together a picture of your health, establish a baseline and set some goals. 

step 2
follow up & results interpretation

30-45 mins

2 weeks after your initial appointment we will have a follow-up. We will go over any test results that may have been ordered and assess treatment progress.

step 3
monthly follow up appointment

30-45 mins

Depending on the complexity of the condition we will most likely have monthly follow-up appointments to track progress. This also allows for treatment alterations if required. 

step 4
maintenance follow ups as required

30 mins

When you begin to see significant improvements in your health and wellbeing our appointments together will progressively become spaced further and further apart. You will be working on the foundations we have established and ideally need less herbal and supplement support ongoing.