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Ready to jump in?

Let's get to the bottom of your health concerns together!

Step 1: Book a FREE intro call if required.

Step 2: Book an Initial Appointment in Coffs Harbour or Online. You will be emailed clinic details or online appointment link before your appointment. 

Step 3: Fill out your Intake Form before the appointment. This will be emailed to you upon booking an Initial Appointment. 

Step 4: After your Initial Appointment we will book return or review appointments as required. 


Initial Appointment 

The initial appointment is 60-75 minutes and includes a comprehensive assessment of your current health conditions and health history, including family history, diet, physical activity, and previous diagnoses or test results. 

Here we will discuss your health goals and I will discuss a treatment plan and further pathology testing unique to you.

If no testing is required you will receive your personalised treatment plan within 48 hours. If testing is required you will receive your treatment plan at the next appointment.  

Return Appointment 

Return consultations are essential for naturopathic treatment and go for 45 minutes. Your next return appointment will be when we expect your pathology results to arrive. This is around 2-5 weeks after the initial appointment. 

Here I will present your personalised treatment plan based on your pathology results, scientific evidence, symptoms and own health goals. 

Your treatment plan will contain dietary advice, lifestyle adjustments, herbal medicine &/or nutritional supplementation, and further referrals if required.

Review Appointment 

Review appointments are usually booked in every 3-8 weeks after the return appointment and are 30 minutes. Treatment plans are comprehensive and sometimes require adjustments. These appointments allow for modifications, assessing further pathology results, and filling prescriptions. 

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